Collaboration team

Fellowship local collaborators:

Fellowship project partners:

  • Professor David Harbottle – Brings expertise in suspension and interfacial rheology to the project, together with industrial connections (School of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Leeds)
  • Professor Rob Poole – Brings general expertise in experimental fluid mechanics and associated subjects to the project, as well as being positioned as co-lead of the Special Interest Group (SIG) in Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (School of Engineering, University of Liverpool)
  • Professor Helen Wilson – Brings constitutive modelling expertise (especially in the field of suspensions) to the project, along with advice on the pre-requisites required to inform new or test existing constitutive models (Department of Mathematics, UCL)
  • Dr Stevie Chaffin – Brings numerical modelling expertise to the project, having collaborated on modelling aspects of ToPRSEF previously (Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Hull)
  • TA Instruments – Rheometer instrument manufacturer, bringing technical advice on rheometer instrument operation
  • Bruker UK – MRI instrument manufacturer, bringing technical advise on MRI instrument operation
  • UKFN (UK Fluids Network) – A key integral and coordinating element of the NFFDy fellowships
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